Affordable Hi-Speed Plans To Fit Your Needs - Now In Gillett, AR

TechStream offers 4 different high-speed plans for our new Gillett, AR area, allowing customers to select the plan that works best for their lifestyle.  And every plan includes unlimited usage, meaning no data usage caps and no additional costs.

Gillett Plan #1 - $50/month
10.0 Mbps download / 2.0 Mbps upload^

Gillett Plan #2 - $75/month PRICING SPECIAL $60/month with 2 year contract

15.0 Mbps download / 2.0 Mbps upload^

Gillett Plan #3 - $90/month PRICING SPECIAL $72/month with 2 year contract****

25.0 Mbps download / 3 Mbps upload^

Gillett Plan #4 - $145/month PRICING SPECIAL $116/month with 2 year contract****
35.0 Mbps download / 5 Mbps upload^




Each TechStream plan requires a one-time basic installation set-up fee of $100.**   However, customers never pay Internet equipment charges with a TechStream plan.  A TechStream Professional will hook up the Internet to your existing Wifi router and other devices.  Need better Wifi in your home, ask your TechStream Professional to suggest the best coverage solution for you home. Current TechStream Gillett, AR customers may enjoy moving up to these faster speeds, but many will require a physical upgrade, due to limitations of their current TechStream equipment. Ask a TechStream professional what is needed for your current TechStream account.^ (some current areas will not support all new plans)^

Want help choosing the right plan for your Internet needs?  Call 1-866-268-0101 to speak with a TechStream representative today.  

****Currently some of our new plans are only available in certain areas, not all coverage areas qualify for these packages.

** An additional setup fee may be required for custom and non-basic installations.  Customers are responsible for Wifi routers and other connection equipment past the Internet point of entry.