Tech Stream Business PlansGet The Speed You Need With TechStream

TechStream provides standard Internet speeds up to 15 megabytes, but if your business needs to exceed a standard package, TechStream can customize a package to make your business work faster and more efficient. 

From school districts to large corporations, from manufacturing plants to financial institutions, TechStream provides high-speed plans that allow our business customers to get the speed they need.  Let us help your company build the plan that’s right for you.

Business Basic - $75/month
5.0 Mbps download / 1.0 Mbps upload

Priority - $125/month
8.0 Mbps download / 2.0 Mbps upload

Advanced - $175/month
10.0 Mbps download / 3.0 Mbps upload

SuperFast - $225/month
15.0 Mbps download / 4.0 Mbps upload

Optimum - $300/month
25.0 Mbps download / 5.0 Mbps upload

Infinity - Get The Speed You Need
Customized business plans to meet your special needs.

Want help choosing the right plan for your Internet needs? Call 1-866-286-5976 to speak with a TechStream customer service specialist today.